Trine Ostergaard, Executive Director

Trine has  MSsc. in Cultural Geography from the University of Copenhagen. She has travelled and worked in more than 40 countries, with a career spanning years of development work in Africa and Asia for The World Bank, to the founding Hamsa Yoga Studio in Copenhagen that was rated in the top 25 yoga studios in the world by Travel and Leisure. She has a mission-driven heart and a start-up mind and she is excited to bring this powerful combination to The Crest. Her hearts beats for good natural food and for creating an intimate connection to nature  for our next generations. She sees The Crest as the playground where that sweet connection can be experienced to get an understanding and appreciation for our beautiful earth.

Cooking has been an enlivening passion throughout her life.  As a child she was always in the kitchen. Every winter my Mother would order half a pig for us to cut, prepare and use for the upcoming holidays. She learned from a very young age about making everything from scratch and not wasting anything. And that has stuck with her throughout her life.  The kitchen is her creative, alchemical space and transforming harvest into a divine meal is a her daily mediation. During her travels food was often the center of excitement, whether eating snake in a longhouse in Borneo or collecting firewood in the deserts of Burkina Faso to cook Casava over an  open fire.


Trine lives in Ashland with her husband and daughter. She sees herself as a lifelong student of people, food and the world. Chances are you will find her in the kitchen if she is not out walking her dog, working in the garden or in the teaching her daughter knife skills in the kitchen.