Our Team

We are a small but dedicated team at The Crest. Trine heads up the organization and the farm workers at Willow-Witt Ranch assist with all the prep, the tours and behind-the- scenes work. Without them we wouldn’t be able to do all that we are doing.


Trine Ostergaard, Executive Director

Trine comes to The Crest at Willow Witt with 20 years of experience in mission and vision driven work and is a well-rounded idealist with a real world grounded approach.  
Her hearts beats for good natural food and for creating an intimate connection to nature for our next generations. She sees The Crest as the playground where that sweet connection can be
experienced to get an understanding and appreciation for our beautiful earth.




Micah Garcia,  Farm HAND

Micah Garcia is a former sales manager in the city. She came to Willow-Witt to see if she could handle the farm work and found herself unable to leave. "The land here is very special, kind of like love at first site".

Dave Holding Organic Certificate.jpg

David Baldwin, Farm Hand

Dave’s Willow-Witt Ranch journey started in late spring of 2014. He had been traveling across the United States in search of a farm to land on for a while. Dave has run his own successful farming business in his home state of Utah, and brought with him knowledge in both livestock and vegetable production. He thrives on the challenges involved in farm work, along with the lifestyle that organic farming offers.  


daniel Collay, Farm Hand

Daniel Collay grew up on his parents’ farm outside of Eugene. He followed his passion for the environment into college, graduating with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies and a Minor in Outdoor Adventure Leadership from Southern Oregon University.  He thinks The CREST will be an excellent way to grow his love of farming, environmental education, and leadership.