Summer Camps

Our organization is dedicated to teaching about the link between People, Farm, Forest and Water. In doing so we focus on how natural resources are not free and environmental sustainability will take vision, care and attention When land has been impacted by humans, we owe reciprocal care and gratitude to keep the ecosystem and land in health.

Farm & Forest Sleepover Camp 

Tuesday 7/17 - Thursday 7/17 , 2018                              

Join us for a 3 days, 2 nights sleep over Camp for kids entering 2nd - 5ht grade.  We will visit the animals, learn about and do some farm work and restoration work, learn about the plants that make up the forest around us, and go on hikes accompanied by the goats.  At night we will cozy up in our tents and listen to the sounds of the forest as we fall asleep.  All meals are prepared in the lovely cookhouse and we will be collecting eggs and greens from the organic farm and help prepare the meals. The Camp is taught by Anouschka Andresen and Shannon Clery, both teachers with Little Gnomes Nature School in Ashland.