School Visits

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We want children to experience the connection between people and the forest, farm and water upon which we all depend. By inviting children to engage in hands-on and intimate experiences with nature we will sow a seed that will grow into appreciation, respect, and wonder at the natural world and what it gives us in terms of sources of air, food and water.

When children learn what it takes to care for the soil where crops grow and the animals that provide food, you plant a seed of appreciation for the land and the people who grow the food and raise the animals. Understanding the complex systems of nature and what it takes to provide people with food is easier when you have a tangible experience, when you can touch, feel and sense the connection.  We create a positive connection with the natural environment and healthy food, and in doing that transform the children’s approach to the outdoors, food, and the environment. They discover the connection between them and the land and gain an appreciation for where the food comes from and what they can do to preserve and care for our natural world.



Rogue valley farm to school

The Crest is excited to begin hosting the Rogue Valley Farm to School Harvest Meals this Fall. Local School groups will visit the Farm, harvest and prepare a meal as well as learn about the farm-to-table connection on the land. Furthermore, the children will be learning about the history and conservation efforts on Willow-Witt Ranch. If your school is interested in one of these visits you can book it directly through RVF2S here.


Farm visits

A farm visit to Willow Witt Ranch is a hands-on tour of the farm, forest, and wetlands that weaves in the connection between people, food and the natural environment. A usual visit is between 2-3 hours  depending on the activities you would like to experience. Below is an example of topic and tours we provide, however if you have a topic you would like us to focus on during the visit please just let us know and we can develop a custom program for a visit together.