Eben Ostergaard, Treasurer

Eben bring 25 years of business experience to the CREST Board.  He is an experienced business leader, manager, coach and consultant that sees ends and means as inseparably intertwined. He loves helping organizations create magic -- creating a whole much larger than the sum of its parts.

His business experience has given him a good sense of what works and what doesn’t, and the ever-developing and never ending wisdom about, and openness to, what he doesn’t know. He loves working with people and in nature. He is a perpetual student of the human condition with a history in the business world that has included management consulting, Fortune 100 companies, tech startups, and small/medium sized businesses. He is also the former VP of Finance and Operations and COO of the business coaching company, EMyth.

Eben has also spent time as an outdoor educator, an emotional growth facilitator, a yoga instructor and a hospice volunteer, all of which have helped increase his experience of life’s interconnectedness and the beauty and opportunity therein.  He has lived in the Rouge Valley with his wife Trine, and his daughter Zoe for the past 5 years and love the easy access to nature this area offers. One of his dreams is to hike the PCT with his daughter who is a lover of nature just like him. He is bringing his love for the outdoors to the Crest and is honored to be able to contribute to the CREST’s mission.