Dave’s Willow-Witt Ranch journey started in late spring of 2014. He had been traveling across the United States in search of a farm to land on for a while. Dave has run his own successful farming business in his home state of Utah, and brought with him knowledge in both livestock and vegetable production. He thrives on the challenges involved in farm work, along with the lifestyle that organic farming offers.  

At Willow-Witt Ranch, Dave has enjoyed meeting farm guests from all around the world, along with caring for animals, problem solving and trouble shooting, and the daily changes on the ranch. He is always striving to further his knowledge and tries to learn something new every day. Dave feels lucky to live and work in a place with four distinct seasons and with such a beautiful landscape. He loves working outside in all weather conditions, appreciating how this can encourage one to surrender and enjoy the moment.

Dave is always eager to talk about all things farming and is willing to put you to work. He's also at the Tuesday Ashland Growers’ Market from March through November - come say hi!